"As a working professional, it s often hard to find evening classes with variety. I like that Now Yoga various their schedule throughout the week (relaxation, vinyasa, heated sessions, etc.) so that depending on my own personal needs, I can find a class that fits. The instructors are kind, friendly and helpful if you need modifications. The waiting area/lobby is sometimes dark and cramped on busy nights but otherwise very enjoyable studio."

"Great massage. I had a lot of tension and knots in my upper back and neck and those were gone after it was done. I was almost too relaxed to drive home!,Great massage. I had a lot of tension and knots in my upper back and neck and those were gone after it was done. I was almost too relaxed to drive home!"

"I love the casual, relaxed feel of the studio. The instructors are very knowledgeable and they play great music! You won't find yourself dozing off to sounds of waterfalls here and I love it! I always leave the studio feeling great... relaxed and energized! Centered :)"

"Camille gave me the best massage I have ever had."

"Melissa is excellent - a perfect blend of spirit and body"

"I received a 90-minute deep tissue massage and it was very enjoyable. The massage therapist asked about my preferences and created a very relaxing environment. It was a treat! Thank you!"

"Friendly and helpful instructors."

"I am new to yoga and decided to try Now Yoga because off a groupon promotion they had. My first class was Saturday and it exceeded my expectations. The studio was clean and calming. The instructor was great. She made a point to find out what areas were affecting each of us and focused on releiving stress and tension. I left my first class so eager to go back I went home registered for my next 4 classes. They offer many different types of classes and the times they offer work great work a busy work schedule."

"Camilie Von Brien is an exceptional massage therapist!!"

"Good variation of classes offered and good instruction as well."

"Brandy gives a great class!"

"Ariana is the best! She has been a huge help with my recovery and is really in tune with the areas of need. The environment is always comfortable, clean, and inviting."

"Very good experience. Staff were courteous and experienced. Massage space was clean, cheery, calming. The yoga studio also seems like a great space with large windows and lots of light. Would highly recommend."

"High energy class! Loved it!,High energy class! Loved it!"

"Totally awesome, I'll definitely be back!"

"I took my first class last weekend with Natalie and she did a great job explaining the positions to a first timer. The studio was bright and clean."

"Great studio, great class, great instructor! Can't wait to come back to Providence to go again!"

"An excellent and beautiful studio to learn and grow in! There are so many different classes to choose from, restorative to power flow. The studio can fill up with beautiful sunlight throughout the day and the city light during the night. Such a lovely environment with lovely teachers and staff!"

"LOVE Jaime's class!! Plus the studio is clean and comfortable"

"I had a great experience with the relaxed flow and vinyasa flow classes this week. Looking forward to the next one!"

"As a beginner I found the class schedule, format and location convenient. A small setting that, although a little crowded at times, is well maintained and pleasant. Above all other aspects though are the instructors who I consistently find to be excellent. They provide challenging practice while also accommodating each individual's ability with alternate poses and guidance. The meditative aspect is consistently incorporated without being ostentatious or dogmatic. They focus on making the experience enjoyable and inclusive, encouraging incorporation of yoga practice into healthy, life-long life style."

"The teachers here are great, and the location is extremely convenient. The class packages are a very good deal (I got one during a promotion)."

"I absolutely love this studio! Every, or almost, Sunday morning I go to Steve's class. I adore his class and his passion for teaching it. The best yoga I've ever done :) and in a clean studio! Can't ask for anything else."

"The class I attended was welcoming to all levels. I left feeling challenged and loose. Very nice experience."

"Great place and excellent massage therapy services. Arianna was awesome and I would say one of the best massages I have had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend New Yoga and Fitness to anyone."

"I have taken a few different classes at NOW Yoga and Fitness, and really enjoy the Relaxed Flow Yoga class. All instructors take the time to tell you what each pose will be as well as demonstrate it. This has been particularly helpful for me as a beginner. I would definitely recommend this yoga studio to others!"

"My massage with Arianna was terrific! i'll be making an appointment again with her in the near future"

"I am extremely happy to have found a yoga studio where the teachers are really wonderful and knowledgeable. The studio is super clean and I don't cringe when I go barefoot! I would highly recommend this studio."

"Love Jenny's class PranavaFire! Went from thinking I didn't like yoga to realizing I love it now bc of her class. Thank you for that."

"I tried the heated yoga with Jenny, thinking it would be too hard but willing to push myself. I found that I could keep up thanks to Jenny's constant motivation and instruction. It was a great experience!"

"I was never really a yoga person until I started Jenny's class. I am now a bit obsessed. She is a great teacher and every session I feel I got a major workout and a weekly reset to my mood."

"Wonderful experience! Beautiful studio, friendly people, great class :) It was my first time at NOW, but I'm definitely going back."

"I enjoy almost every class that Now Yoga, but my favorite class is taught by Melissa. My favorite day of the week!"

"Now Yoga and Fitness makes it super easy to find their schedule and register for a class. All of the teachers and staff have been incredibly friendly and the classes I've attended have been challenging. I leave Now Yoga and Fitness feeling amazing!"

"I began attending NOW Yoga classes in February, 2014. I was hoping to find a way to relax and help my right shoulder and right hip. It was much more difficult than I expected, but it has been the only thing that has improved my shoulder and hip pain. I went to physical therapy sat year and it didn't help as much as yoga. I faithfully attend Sarah's Monday night class. She does an excellent job clearly explaining each movement. Sarah is also positive and encouraging. I would highly recommend NOW Yoga!!!"

"It's a wonderful studio with great teachers, my favorite classes are by Steven and Jenny."

"The classes I have had with Melissa - Yoga Dance Reflect- are outstanding. She gives the class a great vibe with classic yoga poses combined with dance and music."

"I LOVED sweat with Parker- I wish he taught more classes! Fantastic!"

"I love Jenny's SWEAT class! It is the cat's pajamas and the bee's knees. No matter how I feel when I arrive, I leave feeling like a million bucks (and looking like a soggy noodle. But a HAPPY soggy noodle.) I learn more and grow stronger with every class that I attend. Thank you, Jenny and NOW Yoga!"

"I love the SWEAT class with Jenny. She is super upbeat and helpful. Every class is different and difficult in its own way. I seriously sweat but feel absolutely amazing afterwards!"

"Very challenging but enjoyable class. Instructor is very positive and encouraging. I hope to become a Sunday morning regular."

"The studio is beautiful and the classes are challenging but still relaxing!"

"I've taken classes with three different instructors. All very skilled, passionate and interested in their students. Perfect atmosphere, its my second favorite and close to my most favorite studio in RI."

"It was great! The instructor made sure everyone was doing the positions correctly, and the class relieved so much stress!"