Adryon Domenico is a Reiki Master/Teacher with twelve years of experience in energy work. She has a Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is currently offering energy work and life coaching as well as a unique blend of the two. Reiki is an ancient therapy that works with the subtle energy body to promote healing on all levels of the human experience. Reiki is painless and noninvasive.

It promotes complete health and holistic well-being. Reiki is useful for:

• Reducing stress, tension, and physical ailments

• Increasing mindfulness, encouraging personal growth, and strengthening intuition

• Empowering creativity, self-expression and clarity of purpose

•Reworking old habits and negative patterns

Life coaching is a client-centered process that aids clients in identifying life goals, assessing personal relationships, examining professional plans, and uncovering current obstacles or challenges that affect personal growth.
For those feeling stuck, lost in transition or unsatisfied, life coaching can lead the way to uncovering a more fulfilling and enriching life.
Combining Reiki with life coaching is a simple and effective way to dramatically enhance the benefits of personal work. Combining energy work with coaching provides the practioner with an additional tool to help clients along their paths of personal exploration. By allowing the practioner another lens through which to see the client's experiences, Reiki increases the practioner's ability to guide the client along his/her unique journey towards growth. Reiki can release resistance and dissolve blockages inhibiting positive change for faster, tangible, enduring transformation. Reiki in tandem with life coaching can bring to the personal growth process the added benefits of stress and tension reduction, restorative balance, relaxation, and peace of mind.