Per was introduced to Eastern metaphysics early in life, when as a one year old child he was brought to visit Ram Das, author of the books, “Be Here Now” and “Be Love Now”.   At the age of three, he was brought along on a brief part of  Sant Kirpal Singh's third world tour.  Satguru Kirpal Singh is the  author of many books, including “The Crown of Life:  A Study in Yoga”.   Growing up in rural New Hampshire, Per attended Sant Bani School which is located on Sant Bani Ashram in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.  Sant Bani Ashram is a spiritual retreat center founded by Sant Kirpal Singh.  While a student at Sant Bani, he was initiated into Surat Shabd Yoga, by Sant Ajaib Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh’s successor. 

      In College, he became interested in Ayurveda and the health benefits of yoga.   This led to studying Ayurveda full time with Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute (  Studying holistic mind and body techniques continued as a hobby  throughout his twenties and thirties.  During this time, Per apprenticed with a Native American Shaman, hosted a Phillipino psychic surgeon in his New Mexico home, became a commercial aviation pilot, and learned from many different types of teachers.  Seeking out world renowned holistic mind and body educators, he completed an internship with Jack Schwarz, founder of Aletheia (  Using the alias “Fakir Noiro”, Jack entertained audiences with unusual yogic abilities.  Tests conducted at the Menninger Foundation, and other biomedical research facilities demonstrated Jack’s ability to spontaneously heal his body by shifting into different states of consciousness (brainwaves).  Jack Schwarz was a great inspiration.  

       Per is a novice in the vast field of yoga and recognizes the importance of maintaining boundaries within the domain of 'yoga'.   Purely spiritual  yoga exists in a domain beyond other types of yoga.  Spiritual seeking is a big part of his life's purpose and he is grateful for the opportunity to refer other spiritual seekers to qualified spiritual Masters of the Surat Shabd Yoga lineage.  

     Per is a PSYCH-K facilitator, ( PSYCH-K is currently his favorite modality. He received 200 hour RYT certification from Kind Yoga, ( and is the owner of NOW Yoga, (