1. It addresses the negative effects of sitting all day

More and more people today are suffering from a new type of postural stress, especially one that manifests in the neck and shoulders. This is very common among those who spend long hours using sitting at a desk and working in a computer. In recent years, the new type of postural stress causes people to feel weakness and pain in their lower backs, again due to prolonged sitting. The good thing is that massage therapy is an effective way of counteracting the negative effects of doing desk jobs.

2. It relieves muscle pain

If you’ve been bothered by sore muscles, you definitely need massage therapy. Massage benefits the body mainly by increasing and enhancing circulation. Thus, it is no wonder why having a massage therapy is part of any athlete’s routine after a competitive game. There have been research studies also that prove that massage therapy is just as good and effective as other treatment methods for curing chronic back pain.

3. It helps you overcome depression and anxiety

Human touch has always been believed to be relaxing and therapeutic, especially when it is done in a professional manner. In a study conducted in 2005, women who were diagnosed to have breast cancer showed significant improvements in moods and emotional state after receiving massage therapy three times a week.

4. It enhances the quality of sleep

Massage therapy promotes a restful sleep, and also enables those who can’t get some good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, massage therapy for infants also help a lot in getting babies to sleep. Parents who massage their babies on a regular basis can notice that their little ones cry less and sleep longer during the night.

5. It improves immunity

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massage therapy helps increase a person’s white blood cell count, which is an important aspect in protecting the body from different kinds of illnesses.

6. It gets rid of headaches

Massage therapy has been proven to lessen the severity and frequency of headaches caused by tension and stress.

Having said all these benefits of having massage therapy, you now have all the reasons to go to a body day spa on a regular basis. NOW Yoga and Fitness center offers the best environment and amenities that will provide you with the best massage experience ever.

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