NOW Athletics eco TPE yoga mat is one of the more popular and widely used yoga mats in the market today. This type of yoga mat has gained so much following thanks to its durability and excellent performance. So what makes NOW Athletics yoga mats the best choice?

Here is a list of the important attributes of yoga mats to look for:

Weight – NOW Athletics is a preferred Amazon yoga mat by yogis who are looking for comfort. This yoga mat has enough depth that offers a stable and comfortable surface. The extra cushioning, however, may not be an advantage for those who are looking to transport their mats wherever they go because of its added weight. Nevertheless, most yoga mat reviewers agree that comfort always comes first.

Material – One of the best aspects of a NOW athletics eco TPE yoga mat is the material it is made from. Unlike the more common yoga mats that are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride, NOW athletics yoga mats are made from TPE. This is an excellent choice for yogis who do not like the smell of chemicals on their mats. It should be mentioned also that this material is highly recyclable, which means that it is eco friendly. Thus, if you want to ‘Go Green’, this is probably the perfect choice.

Feel – Users of NOW Athletics closed cell yoga mat are satisfied with the feel that their mats are giving them. This mat is not slippery, and has enough stickiness that offers a good level of traction. This is necessary for those who are engaged in complicated and tough yoga moves.

Is This the Right Yoga Mat for You?

When choosing the right Amazon yoga mat, it is important that you consider not only the qualities of the yoga mat, but the type of yoga you are doing as well. If you are a beginner, for instance, perhaps you won’t be ready to do difficult yoga positions yet. In this case, you may want to go for a thinner yoga mat.

When it comes to hygiene, on the other hand, a closed cell yoga mat is the best option. These types of mats can easily be washed, which can prevent them from becoming a breeding place for germs and bacteria.

Considering all its positive traits, there is no doubt that NOW Athletics Eco TPE yoga mat is a great choice. You should not worry about its cost as well as it is one of the most affordable yoga mats in the market. When it comes to its durability, it can be said that its cost-effectiveness does not in any way compromise its quality.


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