The perfect way to end the week is to have a massage, that’s for sure. Thus, many people go for a day spa in Providence to relax their mind and body after a tiring week. When it comes to the kind of massage that will make you feel refreshed and reenergized, a hot stone massage is an excellent choice.

What’s a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is just one of the several variations of a traditional massage therapy. In this massage, heated flat stones are placed on certain parts of the body. It is also common for therapists to use the stones for massaging your body.

What Kinds of Stones Are Used?

In general, the hot stones are made of basalt. This is an iron-rich kind of rock, so it retains heat very well. What are often used are river rocks because they are naturally smooth.

In a hot stone massage, the stones are immersed in water, after which they are heated in an electric heater for a specific length of time. These heated stones are placed on the back, between the toes, in the palms, or in any part of the body depending on what the condition of the client is.

This kind of massage is beneficial in that the warmth of the stones leads to improved circulation and nervous system.

Who Can Benefit the Most from a Hot Stone Massage?

Just like any other forms of massage, a hot stone massage is relaxing and comforting. This is perfect especially for those who easily feel chilly and have cold feet. Oftentimes, the people who go for this form of massage are suffering from such health conditions as back pains, arthritis, poor circulation, stress, anxiety, osteoarthritis, depression, and even insomnia.

Who Should Not Have This Massage?

A hot stone massage is not recommended in these situations:

- People with open wounds, skin disease, or rashes.

- People who have just undergone surgery.

- People who are prone to blood clots, and those who have circulatory conditions, heart disease and diabetes.

- Pregnant women should consult their doctor first to know if getting a massage will not be harmful to the baby.

Hot stone massage should also not be done over inflamed skin, bruises, tumors, bone fractures and abdominal hernia. If you have a health or physical condition, it is essential that you discuss with your doctor your plans of getting a massage.


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