Is Hot Yoga For You?

More and more people are raving about hot yoga. A form of yoga that cannot be practiced without ayoga towel mat – that is, if you want to do it with ease, convenience, and comfort --  hot yoga finds its roots in Bikram yoga, a style originated by Bikram Choudhury, where heat is effectively utilized for challenging and improving your flexibility when you do the yoga poses. It is said to duplicate the humidity and heat of India where yoga comes from.  

Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room, usually with a temperature of 40 C or 105 F. The heat makes you sweat profusely – thus the need for a yoga towel mat for hot yoga. You do your yoga poses in that room for about an hour and a half, concentrating on doing about twenty six challenging poses and working out your muscles vigorously while maintaining perfect control and command over your body. The practice requires discipline and develops stamina, strength, and flexibility over time.

Why You Need the Best Yoga Towel Mat

There are many staunch supporters of hot yoga. It is a demanding form of yoga – the challenging poses that you sustain while in a heated room effective in raising your heart rate and working the muscles hard. Working out at a low temperature room enables you to go into and hold the postures more strongly.  You go deep – and safe.  Because the muscles get more warmed up, there is less risk of harm.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of hot yoga, you have to have the right yoga towel mat.  Hot yoga gives you a good work out, making you sweat good and hard.  You cannot make do with just a hand towel to dab your sweat off your brow. Neither can you settle for any run-of-the-mill mat. You need one that fills all your requirements so that when you do your hot yoga, you do so without worrying about slipping or getting all slippery and dripping with sweat.

What to Look For in a Hot Yoga Towel Mat

The right yoga towel mat should be the right size so that when you exercise, you feel confident that you will not run short of space. 

It should be highly absorbent.  Hot yoga makes you sweat hard.  You should have the right towel to address this need.

It should be of non-slip quality. With a yoga towel mat with exceptional grip and traction, you can concentrate on your challenging hot yoga poses – without worrying about slipping or falling.

It should be low maintenance, easy to care for.  It should be durable and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Many practitioners of hot yoga swear that the Now Athletics' Full Size Yoga Towel is just the right yoga towel mat for their needs. This mat has acquired a great reputation for its many laudable qualities; it is of the right size, absorbent and highly capable of absorbing sweat, has good traction and grip, and easy to maintain and care for.


Enjoy hot yoga to the max.  All you need is the right attitude and the right yoga towel mat.  You take care of the first.  Visit  and they will take care of the rest.

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