Posted by Now Yoga on Dec 08, 2014

When’s the last time you treated yourself to a massage? The massage therapists at NOW Day Spa are waiting to indulge you. Their diverse menu includes Swedish massage, reiki, sports massage, yoga massage, acupuncture, even Ki Hara. Massage and other bodywork offer myriad benefits to the body, so not only will you experience the relaxation you’ll definitely need between holidays, you’ll also be making a healthy choice.

The Mayo Clinic says that studies have found massage therapy to be helpful in minimizing anxiety, calming digestive disorders, decreasing fibromyalgia pain and headaches, easing insomnia, and helping with sports injuries and soft tissue strains. The massage therapist team at NOW is committed to offering superlative service, and each practitioner has extensive training.

Massage therapy has a long history, according to the National Institute of Health. For thousands of years, people have been using their hands to knead, tap, vibrate, and otherwise manipulate one another into better health. Typically, this work is done on muscle and soft tissue. The development of sports massage added deep tissue massage to “release chronic muscle tension.”

The Providence massage market isn’t a small one. Your options for massage are not limited, but at NOW you’ll have a unique experience. The Rhode Island massage offerings are fairly traditional at most locations, but at NOW Day Spa you can also get Psych-K, life coaching, and nutrition counseling.


NOW Day Spa isn’t exclusively a spa. In keeping with Providence’s vibrant art and independent scene, NOW is also the coolest facility around, offering precision without pretension and yoga without the hype. NOW is a down to earth community that prides itself on being edgy and kind at once. As a member of the yoga studio or spa, you will enjoy benefits that go way beyond the basics of massage or reiki: you’ll get to be part of a community that celebrates full body health, inside and out. 

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