Posted by Now Yoga on Feb 17, 2015

Have you experienced confidently nestling to a child’s pose and then taking a deep breath, only to smell something really awful? Well, that must be your own yoga mat. Yes, no matter how expensive your yoga mat is, regular use can get it covered in sweat, oils, and filth. And unfortunately, you must be one of those who are not too keen at keeping a clean yoga mat. Perhaps you’re satisfied with simply wiping your sweat off your mat and not really concerned about thoroughly cleaning it.

So how do you make your yoga mat really clean? Here are some tips for you:

1. Use at least one day a week to clean your mat.

Washing and cleaning your yoga mat every week is a must if you want it to be free from any germs and bacteria. Especially of you go to the studio more than once a week, or if you are into hot yoga where you sweat a lot, there is no reason you shouldn’t wash your mat weekly. Keeping this habit will not only keep your mat clean, but it will also prolong the life of your yoga mat.

2. Use a natural cleaning solution.

It is recommended that you use a water-based and organic cleaner for your mat. For those using a mat made from natural rubber, a solution containing 50% water and 50% vinegar is ideal. This will disinfect the mat and will also help restore the color and texture of your rubber mat.

3. Yoga mat wipes are a great alternative.

If you don’t have time to make a cleaning solution for your yoga mat, using yoga mat wipes is a good option. These wipes contain essential oils that are generally good for mats.

4. Avoid using various types of soaps.

Soaps contain chemicals and other ingredients that may not be good for your mat. Again, it is enough that you clean your mat with a vinegar and water solution. Make sure to hang your mat also, so it would dry well.

5. Sunbathing your mat is not a good idea.

You may think that letting your yoga mat dry in the sun is good for killing the germs and bacteria living in it. Doing this is not beneficial, though. Hanging it in the sun could dry out your mat, which may have undesirable effects on its quality.


Did you know that the kind of yoga mat you’re using is another consideration in keeping it clean? A Cheap thick yoga mat with strap, for instance, may not be made from quality materials, which may end up being the best breeding ground of bacteria and germs. What you will love about NOW Athletics Eco TPE yoga mat is that it’s free from any rubber, latex and other toxic materials, so it is easier to clean.

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