Yoga as a Discipline

Yoga is a discipline that promotes deep breathing, meditation, and focused physical training through specific poses and postures. Its orientation frees the mind from clutter and noise, gives respite from stress, and helps you achieve a calm state of mind.  Its practice cuts across age and fitness levels.  It does not matter how old or how fit you are; anybody with the right attitude and disposition can profit from yoga. It is not surprising that yoga has become so popular that no fitness center of note dare to not offer a yoga training course as one of its services. 

You can opt to do yoga on your own, probably using the internet as a training resource.  It is to your advantage, however, to enroll with a yoga fitness center and work under the supervision of instructors with yoga certification training to coach you in this remarkable discipline.

Yoga as a Stress-buster

The generation of today seems to have found in the practice of yoga the relaxed and serene state of mind so difficult to achieve these days.  Today’s lifestyle is often characterized by a faster tempo, pressures, stress, and a constant drive to live hard. It is not surprising that we are in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

Yoga offers an effective means to deal with nervous tension and constant worry. It is strongly associated with attaining psychological well-being – helping you attain body-mind-spirit harmony.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Today, the best yoga training is also being touted as a powerful means for weight loss. Can yoga really provide you with the wherewithal to lose weight and become a fitter and healthier individual?

Research indicates that yes, indeed, you can. Certified health and fitness personal trainers agree that you can get a real workout from yoga – even as a beginner.  Yoga is not only a stress buster, a discipline useful only in so far as helping you become calm, focused, and happier.  It can also be used for losing weight.

Yoga does not have the high-intensity of jumping jacks and tuck jumps usually associated with boot camp cardiovascular classes.  However, it does offer classes which can run for an hour and a half – classes where activity is continuous, burning calories and requiring muscles to do hard challenging work the full period.  The entire body lengthens, stretches, and strengthens – attaining power and strength over time, becoming toned, powerful, and flexible.

Power Yoga Training

Some forms of yoga like the Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or power yoga training with its dynamic, forceful, highly-spirited and fluid orientation is a smart option as a weight-loss exercise program.  You get a powerful cardiovascular workout, weight-bearing training, and a multitude of stretches to improve flexibility and blood circulation – all certain to make you lose weight effectively. The beauty of yoga is that it enables the body to gain in strength, cardiovascular endurance and stamina, and flexibility without making you prone to injury and burn-out often associated with high-intensity cardiovascular training programs. Because you are able to sustain your efforts, you are more likely to achieve your weight-loss goals over time.

Yoga and Sensible Eating

The other significant not always readily recognizable contribution of yoga to weight loss is the mind shift. Yoga increases your mindfulness, helping you become more aware and appreciative of your body, seeking things to make it healthier and avoiding those which work to its detriment. This mind set helps you to make healthier food choices.  Moreover, yoga reduces stress, making you unlikely to go on mindless binges associated with anxiety.

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