Acupuncture therapy has been rendering many promises to people since ages. However, with time people have realized, after applying the therapy, that not all promises are fulfilled. Hence, it has brought up the question whether acupuncture therapy really works.

Researches have been conducted to ascertain the degree of cure acupuncture can deliver to people. If you also have pondered upon the thought of undergoing this therapy then it is important to know that there are certain limitations to its abilities.

Chinese Claim: Although the Chinese needle healing, which is known as Acupuncture has been a painful therapy that inserts needles at specific points of the body, people who suffer from acute pains, lay under the needles to get some relief. It is said that this therapy helps in continuing the life force in the body. Research has confirmed that acupuncture uses certain scientific methods to claim the reinforcement of life force in the body. These specific points which are demarked by the acupuncture specialists do tally with nerve ends that help in signaling the brain about the painful parts of the body. It is, however, deciphered by the Western medical science as being a method to stimulate nerves and tissues that help in releasing the natural painkillers of the body.

What is the result of research? The fact about acupuncture therapy has been considered by many people in the medical science field. However, not much progress has been yet made, unfortunately. More research is needed to ascertain something very definite about this therapy. At this moment it can be safely said that people who want to get relief from certain joint pains and certain arthritis problems may consult acupuncture therapists since they have shown positive results on the patients.

The list below is proven curable with Acupuncture therapy:

  1.             Back Pain
  2.             Dental Pain
  3.             Pain due to Endoscopy – It is a process that is applied when patients suffer from gastrointestinal problems. It is very painful and patients need some therapy after the process gets over. Acupuncture has proven successful in relieving some pain after endoscopy.
  4.             Osteoarthritis of knee
  5.             Headache – some headaches are however borne by diseases like tumor development. These headaches are not curable through acupuncture.
  6.             Nausea and Vomiting after operation – this is very much effective and many research fellows have approved the success of acupuncture for a relief from nauseate effect after surgery.

Research has also proven that some diseases do not even react to the therapy. It is said by the Chinese traditional practitioners that their method reimburses life in otherwise decaying body. However, when tried to treat medical conditions that can cause death, acupuncture has not shown any effect. Hence, the western medical researchers have concluded that the piercing of needles only helps in recreating the placebo effect. The placebo effect includes the numbing of senses rather than an actual cure. When the needle is inserted through a specific point it helps in deactivating the nerves that send pain signals to the brain.

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