Posted by Per Davidson on Sep 16, 2013

The ancient form of exercises in India was termed as Yoga, which included various asanas that purified the mind, body and helped in keeping spiritual satisfaction. It was found through historical studies that Yoga was the sole reason for the good physique, healthy mind and right spirits of the early hermits and saints. Nonetheless, the good qualities that this art provided were lost due to excessive use of medicines and modern ways of keeping healthy. Recent studies have reiterated the values of Yoga and now, people of many countries follow the art as a natural way to keep the body strong, happy mental health and high spirited attitude.

There are however, certain myths associated with the concept of Yoga and many people even consider it as a practice of Hinduism. It is important to understand that Yoga is divided into different groups among which some utilize the chanting therapy in order to calm the mind. People often think that chanting a mantra is a form of devotion to the pagan gods which is not true.

Different Types of Yoga

Yoga is divided into various types due to its practicing style and the division of asanas that impact body status. Actually Yogasanas are meant to purify the mind as well and not only keep the body in good shape and maintain a good physique. It also generates many other positive attitudes that help to maintain a good social status. Yoga is also known to create awareness about the self which is so required to interact with people in the modern world. Anxiety and depressions are also treated with certain exercises that do not require rigorous physical activity.

How is Yoga divided into various types?

The different types of yoga that are listed in various books and theories have been divided on the following basis:

  •     The exercises that are done with simple postures and do not need much muscle movements
  •     The exercises that are prescribed for women who want to bear child or is bearing a child
  •     The exercises that give instant benefits in terms of physique
  •     The exercises that can boost metabolism and are done in hot temperature conditions. This yoga is termed as Bikram Yoga where the exercises are done at about 40 degree Centigrade.
  •     The exercises that follow a rhythm and combines various forms in one session.
  •     The exercises that lets the mind concentrate on something particular and emphasizes on meditation.
  •     The exercises that are done for specific body parts like improving back muscles or leg muscles.
  •     The exercises which follow a certain school of Yoga.
  •     The exercises that are included in Power Yoga and demands high physical activity and ability to sustain the stress.
  •     The exercises that are meant to create awareness about the self and induces inner peace.


Many such myths are associated with the concept of Yoga that requires clarification and awareness. It is only when the mind is purified of these kinds of thoughts that a student of Yoga can benefit from the exercises.

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