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Late Arrival & Cancellation Policy

Now Day Spa values your time and the time of our therapists. As a time
dependent company run by appointments, we ask that all clients be on time
for their scheduled treatment. Please give yourself extra time and try to
arrive early. It is very important that all appointments start and end at
their designated time in order for our schedule to run smoothly. Clients
who are late will still be required to end their appointment at its
scheduled time, as to not effect the person arriving after you.


We understand that events outside your control can happen and you may need
to re-schedule your appointment. So as to not waste your time, or the time
of our dedicated therapists, we ask that you follow our 24 hour
cancellation policy. Please call us or email us at least 24 hours in
advance to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. You must receive a live
confirmation (or email response) confirming that we have received your
cancellation request. Clients that no call/no show will be charged in full
for their treatment. Clients with coupon vouchers such as groupon or amazon
local are required to follow these polices as well. If a groupon using
client no calls/no shows, the groupon payment they have made will be
applied to their treatment and their groupon will not be redeemable.


You can reach us at 401-273-3100 or