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To schedule an appointment:

To schedule an appointment with any of our practitioners, call (401) 273-3100

Per Davidson

-Psych-K ®: 
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-$50/30min, $100/60 min

Holly Bynum

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-Crystal Healing
-Herbal Medicine & Products
-$80/60 min

Adryon Domenico

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-Life Coaching
-$100/60 min

Jonathan Franklin

-"Stretch Stronger"
-The Ki-Hara Method
-Dynamic Contraction Technique
-$50/30 min, $80/60 min, $120/90 min

Samantha Lebeau

-Nutrition Counseling
-$60/60 min

Arianna Graziano

-Deep Tissue Massage

-Swedish Massage

$50/30min, $80/60min, $120/90min